Monday, October 6, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Today I am participating in the Around the World Blog Hop.

If you are new here, welcome to my blog!  Feel free to stay a little while and take a look around!

I was tagged by the wonderful Melissa of Missouri Mel.  Two of my favorite things about her blog is her weekly roundup of quilting and sewing related giveaways and the 1930's fabric swap she is hosting! 

1.  What are you working on?
Since I am a college student, most of my quilting happens during the summer.  Now that I am at school again, I have to put sewing on the back burner for a little while (Or at least until winter break!).  

But I am still working on a few things and I have finished so many projects this summer!

Currently I am working on a king size quilt.  It is a purple and gold quilt using a pattern called County Lines.  This quilt is for my parents-since they have been so supportive of my passion for quilting, I decided to make a quilt for them. :)

Right now I am deciding on the backing and binding for this. I am thinking of having a gold binding and a light purple backing.
This was the biggest quilt I have made so far and it went together faster than I thought it would! 

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I like to incorporate some youth and bring a modern touch to every quilt I make.  
I love to combine cotton prints and batiks and mix up collections.  I know that batiks are not very popular right now in the modern quilting world, but they are beautiful!  Here are some quilts where I used a combination of batiks and regular prints:

This is a quilt I made for my sister last summer, one of the very first quilts I made!  

And here is my nautical quilt, it is inspired by Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric collection.  The light blue and pink batiks I incorporated into this quilted turned out fabulous!

The king size quilt above uses a combination of batiks, solids and prints.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I did not grow up in a family of quilters, so quilting is something that I have (for the most part) taught myself in the past year and half.  I am so proud of how my quilts have improved in that time.  Quilting has been a creative outlet for me and it really allows me to express myself.  I quilt because I love it!  
I am so blessed to have discovered my passion and to be able to create something so intricate and beautiful from pieces of fabric. I quilt because I can create something that will make someone else happy! 

 4. How does my writing/creating process work?
During the academic year (when I am away from my sewing machine and fabric), I find patterns online and create patterns by hand.  I believe that "quilty" math is the best math!   I have a notebook and plan out my quilts that I will work on in the future.  Then, during the summer, I sew like a mad woman.  I love making a quilty to-do list and crossing things off!
The Pacific Northwest is filled with beautiful colors and textures.  I love to find color combinations and patterns from nature.  
Much of my inspiration comes from instagram and pinterest.  
If you have an instagram,  you can find me @sewruthie14.  
And if you have a pinterest, you can find me here.

I know it has been a LONG time since my last blog post, so I want to share some finishes with you!

This is my Lazy Sunday Quilt using Kate Spain's Sunnyside:
It was quilted by Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting.  I love the baptist fan pattern!

And here is the back- blue minky!  It is the perfect quilt to sit under on a rainy pacific northwest day!

This is my queen size low volume quilt:
It is the perfect quilt for my bedroom; the low volume prints are so calming and quiet.

And here is my very first paper pieced quilt top!
This quilt was made using a Honeysweet fat quarter bundle and the Sunny Steps Quilt pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.

Oh! I can't forget.  I made six (Yes, six!!) jean quilts this summer!  I just got them back from Sew Shabby Quilting.  Now these quilts are very special because they are made from my grandfathers jeans. He passed away in April, and I am making these quilts to give as gifts for my family.  I hope they love them!

Here is a before picture:
And I will post "after" pictures in another blog post! Stay tuned…

Now that I look back, I have had quite a productive summer break!

Now it is my turn to tag two fellow quilters to keep this hop going on!  

First up is Anita from Daydreams of Quilts.  I first came across her blog through Instagram-we both love giveaways!  Anita makes Quilts of Valor and mails to them Canadian soldier's!  

And next is Courtney who blogs at over at Mon Petit Lyons. Courtney has an excellent taste in fabric and I am always inspired by what she creates.  

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will be back!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Audition for Sewvivor!

Rach at Family Every After is hosting the 3rd Sew-vivor competition-this time it's quilters edition!
In order to audition, you must pick one quilt that you think represents your best work.
I am entering my "Sweet Seas" Nautical quilt!
This quilt was started last August and completed in October, right when I was getting ready to start my freshman year of college.  I actually hand stitched the binding on in my dorm room!
The quilting was done by Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting.  She did a wonderful job and the Van Gogh quilting pattern really enhances the beachy feel of the quilt.
The quilt pattern is called Frippery and it can be found here for free!
I had so much fun selecting the fabric for this quilt.  I used a combination of many different collections, Out to Sea by Sarah Jane, Riley Blake Shuffle, Architextures and even some batiks!
The back is pieced and uses some extra scraps that were leftover!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Summer!

It's officially summer break for me so now I will be able to do a lot more sewing!  Yay!
I am ready to send my low volume quilt to Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting and now I get to finish some more WIP's.
First up is my Lazy Sunday quilt.  I am using Sunnyside by Kate Spain, the fabric is perfect for the Pacific Northwest.
Surprise! The quilt top is already finished!  It only took a few days to put together!  Here are some pictures.

I just ordered some minky fabric for the backing of the quilt, it will be so soft and snuggly!  

Now I will be working on a memory quilt.  My grandfather passed away in April, and I am going to make a quilt out of his old jeans for my grandmother.  I might end up making a few more and giving them to my mom and my uncles.  I found a lovely tutorial from  the Missouri Star Quilt Co. that explains how to cut the jeans into squares.
Some people call these quilts as bereavement quilts, but I prefer the term memory quilts instead.

I am also working on a quilt using Honeysweet fabric.  I picked the Sunny Steps quilt pattern available on the Moda Bake Shop.  I will have another post about that soon!

On another note, if any of you are looking for a planner, I just discovered the Erin Condren Life Planners and I absolutely love them.  I cannot wait for mine to come in the mail!
If you would like to get $10 off your order click here!  They will email you a coupon code for your first order after you create an account.

Linking up with SewJo Saturday at My Go-Go Life and Fabric Frenzy Friday at Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Sewing Table!

I have been using the dining room table as my sewing space since I started sewing in June.  I quickly realized that I needed a bigger space for everything and decided to move into an unoccupied room in the basement.  I spent a lot of time these past few months looking at other bloggers sewing spaces and cutting tables until I could envision mine.
A few of my favorites can be found here, here and here.
I decided that Ikea would be the best place to start.
I went there looking for two Expedit shelves but I was not able to find them.  I guess Ikea is turning their Expedit series into the Kallax series.  You can find more details here.
So I decided on two Kallax shelves (2X4) and some drawers.  Kallax comes in some nice colors, but I went with the traditional white.  My dad bolted them together and we put it on a piece of MDF (medium density fiberboard) to give it more support.  For the top piece, we also used a larger piece of MDF from Home Depot.  I really like the look of this countertop, but it was just out of my budget.
I also bought the table legs from Home Depot and painted the MDF and feet with semigloss paint to match the shelving units.

The total height is 38" and it is just perfect.  My dining room table was quite low and it hurt my back after a while.
I love my cutting table!  It has a whole lot of storage for fabric, notions, books and magazines. I am so happy with how it turned out.
Now I can complete my sewing space! I have had my eye on this thread organizer, it is from the Martha Stewart collection for Home Decorators.  Isn't it great?  It would look so great with my Aurifil thread.
Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock so this is my current Aurifil thread display.

I still love it, but it is just temporary until I can get the other organizer.
Now I need to buy more fabric to fill everything up!
I am also thinking about starting a mini quilt wall, I have been inspired by many mini quilts through Instagram.  If you are on Instagram and want to follow me, you can find me here: @sewruthie14

Also, I apologize for the pictures, hopefully I will get some better ones after I change the light bulbs!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Work in Progress

I have been wanting to make a low volume quilt for a while, and when the Riley Blake's Willow collection came out, I knew that it would be the perfect collection to use for this quilt.  The pastel yellows, pinks and blues make a great backdrop.
I used some Sunkissed and Noteworthy by Sweetwater prints as well.
I found the pattern in a Fons and Porter quilting magazine, the block is called Brave New World.
This was the first quilt that I have made using triangles and I quickly became very good friends with my iron and Best Press.  :)
I just finished the top this afternoon and went outside to take some pictures.

I am really proud of how great my seams lined up!

I really love how this quilt is turning out, I still need to add borders and decide on the quilting!

I am still working on my new sewing table and organizing my fabric stash.  I will have a post about that soon!
But I did have time to organize my Aurifil!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Finish!

These are two coordinating lap quilts that I made for my mom, they were a (very) late Christmas gift.  I used French General's Maison De Garance, this pattern is layer cake friendly and leaves very little leftover scraps, which is always nice.
I really love the idea of coordinating quilts, they are a similar enough but aren't too "matchy matchy."

 I had these quilted by Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting, she does such a great job!


 The minky back is so warm and cuddly!  My hand binding is getting so much better, I think that is the thing I am most proud of!

Right now I am working on a low volume quilt!  I will have a new post when that top is complete.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello, world!

Welcome to my blog!
My name is Bethany and I like to sew.   I am quite new to the world of sewing and quilting, I decided to make a quilt in the summer of 2013, right before I started college.  I am not completely sure why I had the desire to make a quilt, but I guess it was just meant to be.  I hadn't sewn a stitch since my home economics class in middle school!  

I started with a wall hanging and then quickly moved onto making larger quilts.  I have mainly learned through online tutorials and youtube videos, thank you Missouri Star Quilt Co. and Moda Bake Shop!   Since this past summer, I have completed 7 quilts and I will share each one of them with you, as well as the many more to come!  

I have truly found my passion, and I would love to share my passion with you.  

My blog is named Sew Ruthie, after my great grandmother.  She was a wonderful woman who inspires me everyday.